Hama Farm / Kompot Pepper
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Hama Farm in Kampot Province is owned by Plus Hama Co Ltd, a company incorporated in Cambodia in 2014 by an investor from Japan. The farm is located in Prey Peay Village, Trapeang Phleang Commune, Chouk District in the northwest part of Kampot Province. Hama Farm has some 500 employees and is expected to emerge as the leading pepper producer in Kampot in 2018.

The farm has already had Kampot's biggest pepper plantation area and the largest number of pepper vines in the province. The farm's first factory will start its operation in 2018 and make it the largest pepper processing facility in Kampot.

Plus Hama’s decision to invest in Cambodian agriculture reflects the country’s dependence on the sector. More than half the Cambodian population is engaged in agriculture which accounts for about one third of the country's gross domestic product (GDP). The decision to invest also aims to address the lack of standards and quality in processing agricultural products in Cambodia.


Plus Hama’s philosophy is based on strengthening ties between Japan and Cambodia through private-sector investment that creates jobs and reduces poverty.


The company’s mission is to promote Cambodian agriculture and to make social contributions to the country by building a primary school, health care center, and other necessary infrastructures for employees and people in the region as well as by contributing to the development of Kampot Province.


Plus Hama aims to become a leading Japanese company bringing Cambodian products to the world. More investments, more industries and more business opportunities are envisaged.